About Us

The ENERGY_AGRO-FOOD project will implement new university teaching modules in the fields of Energy and Agro-food consistent with the needs of the regional and local labour market. The main aim is to increase the capacity of Universities to offer innovative higher education programmes characterized by: interdisciplinarity, intersectoriality and interregionality. The project entails added values such as to spread knowledge and boost professional skills, to strengthen innovation and raise sustainability in the bioenergy-agricultural sectors, to enhance public interventions and promote private–public partnerships, and to improve the quality of life standards in rural communities and remote areas.

For these purposes, ENERGY_AGRO-FOOD aims to address:

- the agro-food supply chain as an opportunity to provide renewable energy sources and to improve energy access;
- the renewable energies as the strategic element to boost efficiency and competitiveness in the agro-food value chain;
- the need of specific competences on energy policy design, energy market analysis and governance, energy system design, agro-energy chain logistics, innovative cropping system and energy supply chain.