Cover_Bioenergies in East Africa Between challenges and opportunities

Bioenergies in East Africa between challenges and opportunities

This book is the offspring of the Energy_Agro-Food Synergies in Africa: New Educational Models for Universities, a project co-funded​ by the European Union within the EDULINK II, the ACP-EU Cooperation Programme in Higher Education. The Energy­­­­_Agro-food Project arose from the need to face two crucial issues for the future of East Africa: first, the nexus that links bioenergy and the agro-food sectors with the role that these could have in the socio-economic development of the region; and, second, the capacity of African universities to fulfill the demand for qualified professionals on the labour market.

The present publication represents an outstanding output of the project: it embodies all efforts of researchers to extend the university’s capacity to open dialogue with the society as a whole. In particular, this book is designed as teaching material for the African Partner Universities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, thus it is a source of information that supports students’ academic understanding, growth, and specialization.

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Energy Agro-food Synergies in Africa: New Educational Models for Universities